Blue highlights in annotations - Zotero plugin


I’m trying to personalize the template for Zotero integration plugin. I modified the colors for highlights in the annotations that I want to have, when I import some articles from Zotero. But there is sth wrong with the purple color - I don’t know what is the problem, but whatever I highlight in purple in zotero pdf reader, it ends up being blue in my annotations. Also, if I change the blue color (f.ex. more bright), both purple and blue (originally) highligts end up being same blue. Is there some way around that?

Hi Marta,

On this thread you may be able to find some solution or workaround – workaround because people use callouts with highlight colour HEX code information.
In the post I am referencing and before it, there is talk of matching up the colours of those of Zotero’s highlight colours. Not sure how much it’ll help.

If you feel bogged down for more than an hour and nobody can help, it may be better to use a completely new template that works and customize that bit by bit.

In which case, I’m using this template (the author has a demo vault as well):

And my customization based on a user’s requirement (I did not place any emphasis on changing colours there, mind you):

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