Block reference to citation item not shown correctly

Steps to reproduce

The bug is related to the display error when preview a block reference to a footnote citation.

  1. Create a citation in a document e.g. A with [^1]: this is a citation.
  2. Create a block reference to the footnote citation in another document, like. ![[A^fee61d]]
  3. The preview of block ref shows nothing like below

Expected result

I want the footnote citation could be block referenced separately.
However it seems the citation item is not recognized as a block correctly.
The expected result should be a [^1]: this is a citation shown in the preview block.

Actual result

Nothing shown in the preview block.


  • Operating system: macos
  • Debug info: -

Additional information

Thanks, we don’t support it. Please open a feature request.

but the block reference jumps and high-light correctly, only the preview lose.

yeah, open a FR for the editor, specifically for jumping to the correct place in editor mode.

I got it, thank you a lot.