Support embedding of block references to footnotes

Use case or problem

Block reference footnote citation item.

and in another place, using ![[Title^6eefd1]] to block reference and preview one of the citations.

Proposed solution

Now the block reference jumps and high-lights the origin text correctly, but the preview mode show nothing like below.

The bug report maintainer says I should go to the feature request place to fix it.
The original post is here:

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)

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Share more about the usage of the citation items.

I used the citation item to conclude the ideas of a source text material.
The citation item is always composed of two parts, one part is in the text along with the context and another part is at the bottom of the document.

I used the bottom one to write my own summaries of some ideas, and the text one to mark the location of the text context.
When using footnote shortcut plugin, I can jump forward and backward freely between the conclusion and context of the idea.

The conclusion will be further used to aggregated to a more big topic picture in another document with block reference.
However, the preview of citation item cannot be shown correctly.

Thus, it’s really convenient to have each citation item to be recognized as a seperated block, and can be block referenced independently.

Agreed: Footnotes should each be their own blocks, and treated as such everywhere. It should be easy to reference an individual footnote.