Block reference auto text

What I’m trying to do

When I reference a block using (^^) I want the reference text to automatically be shown as the thing I am referencing, for example if I am referencing a header, I want the header text to be what shows in reading mode, is that possible? is there a plugin or a setting for that?

Things I have tried

Currently I have to manually use the pipe (|) and manually write a text to be displayed when I just want it to display the text referenced.
Using preview (!) is not a solution, I want the text to be inline not take up half the screen for a single word!

There is a feature request for this, you can add your vote to it by liking the topic.

Someone also posted a css workaround in the discussion, I don’t know if it still works though.

You could also check out the community plugin, i know that it let’s you edit embeds inline, maybe it has some of the other functionality too.

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Oh thank you I didn’t see that feature request, by linking it do you mean like this

No, i said you should like it to add your vote to it. Which you already did, so all good! :+1:

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