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Is it possible to make a list of block links in each document?

Do I understand right that you have a document which contains some block links, and you want to add a list of those links to the document?

If so (and possibly even if not) an embedded search for the block link syntax might do (tho it’ll show some of the text around the links, not just the links).

That is close to what I’m trying to do.
I’ve undertaken the challenge to create a unique codeblock name attached to each paragraph/codeblock.
By putting in a keyword from the block I’m hoping to distill the main point of that block/paragraph.
Being able to have a list of these would be quite helpful to see the overall argument of the topic.

list of block names

This is just three of many codeblocks.

I think the embedded search should still work. You can add more search parameters to narrow the search, for example adding a path: to list only ones from a certain folder or note.

The embedded search formatting isn’t great, tho — it uses the small sidebar font. I want to make a CSS snippet to fix it, but I haven’t yet.


An alternate solution, if your blockId’s are attached to list items, can be done using Dataview with the following script:

FROM "ForumStuff/f51122"
FLATTEN file.lists as item
FLATTEN item.blockId as keypoint
WHERE item.blockId

This should give you the list of blocks defined (within lists), and if Dataview and embeds where on a friendlier term, you could have exchanged the in the second line with embed( and get the embed, but that doesn’t work like expected in my tests. (And is a common thing, unfortunately, in Dataview)

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Thanks for that extra info. Will try to work this out somehow.

Just a short reply to you and @holroy. I found the plugin ‘Obsidian42 - Text Transporter’ as it seems to be able to do the task of copying and collecting the embeds etc.

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