Block id with underscores "_" is not accepted

Block-id with underscores “_” is not recognized.

Steps to reproduce

I specifically tried block text ^ChangesIn304T-46-07During20200724_1

Expected result

Recognize id and render content:
block text

Actual result

Id is treated/rendered as part of text
block text ^ChangesIn304T-46-07During20200724_1


  • Operating system: windows 7
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.20 (and also before)

we don’t support underscore as part of blockid.

@WhiteNoise Thank you for fast reply. Is there any good reason for avoiding support for such basic character or is it just accidental current state of development? Just to know if it makes sense to create feature request?

you can open a feature request

_ is used for emphasis\italics in markdown.

Thank you. Here is the request: Support underscores "_" in block-id