Support underscores "_" in block-id

Use case or problem

I want to use already existing string containing underscore as part of composed block-ID.
Alternatively I want to connect by underscore two strings with hyphens.

For example block text ^ChangesIn304T-46-07During20200724_1
Then I reference the block in 304T-46-07 and in 20200724_1.

Sometimes desirable: Underscore is selected as part of word on double click, unlike hyphen which behaves as separator and does not get selected.

Proposed solution

Support underscores in block-id
At least internal underscore = surrounded by non-whitespace characters.
Optionally also leading and trailing underscore.
If I understand well, there is no risk of confusing such underscores with markup for strong/italic, just like there is no risk of confusing initial caret symbol ^with markup for upper index. For example html “ID” attribute can contain underscore.

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