Bible Study in Obsidian Kit (including the Bible in Markdown)

nm. reading is a wonderful skill. i promise to try it more often. after reading the response about installing colorize and clipboard, it’s running. sorry for the bother, but i’m obviously in over my head.


please Can you PM me a zip file of the pulled version

It’s pretty amazing to see over 400 clicks on the script and over 200 clicks on the kit (on publish alone) in a couple of months.

I am so grateful this resource can be helpful. I thought I let y’all know that you can help me keep creating resources like this by buying me a coffee! :coffee:

Thank you for your support!


@Joschua Does this workspace (The one containing the whole Bible) is part of your personal vault? If that’s the case, having the entire Biblie on your PKM interferes in a negative way on your own notes containing thoughts or ideas, or does it helps in a positive way to your PKM, having quick reference to the Bible?

Yes, the Bible is part of my personal vault. For me it has a positive influence on my vault. Having the Bible right beside my daily notes and my thoughts and ideas encourages me to evaluate those based on the Bible. In that sense, Obsidian becomes a discipleship tool! I write a bit more about that on my garden.

The only thing that’s potentially negative is a cluttered graph view. But with custom searches that can be mitigated quite easily. Or turned into a positive by exploring how your thoughts reference Scripture (and which parts they like to ignore).


That really helped, thanks!

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Just a note that I’ve written a little QuickAdd script to quickly include multiple sequential verses from the Bible in Markdown in a page.

Here’s the video:

Get the script here:

Update - Fix: Replace line 205 with

for (let i = parseInt(v1); i <= parseInt(v2); i++) {


I had to make a few tweaks to get the script to work with my Book, Chapter, and Verse format.

I commented out the zeroPad for Chapter numbers since I didn’t use zero padding for chapter numbers. Also, I changed the dash to a space between book and chapter since I don’t use the dash.

After those small changes, your script worked, bravo!

I knew someone would find a way to automate this. Good job!

Keep us posted on any updates you make.
Thanks again for creating this.

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That’s great Mike. I’m already using it a lot myself! That’s for letting me know how others are using it.

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Great work, thank you for contributing!

Thanks @davidrsim , it works well, But when i want to insert verses from 9 to another number it shows me “content”… Please what could i do, for now when i place from 09 to x, it works,

Hi - must be a bug in the script. I’m getting that too… I’ll have a look when I can.

ok, thanks,

Replace line 205 (underneath let content = “”; ) with:

for (let i = parseInt(v1); i <= parseInt(v2); i++) {

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Wow, thanks, it work…Perfect… Thanks

I uploaded a copy of the WEB Bible translation, formatted for easy use in Obsidian for anyone who doesn’t want to mess with scripts: Download here!


Does this work on IOS?

Hi Mike - I just tried it on my iPad; unfortunately it doesn’t look like it does. Not sure whether that’s because the prompts simply aren’t appearing on iOS because of a QuickAdd limitation or whether the script is crashing for some reason. I don’t have a Mac to debug the iPad application, unfortunately.

This is so helpful. Thanks @Joschua and others for refining. Wondered if anyone had thought about a “Verse of the Day” to insert in a daily note for example. Seems like Dataview could do that but my coding is rudimentary.

Interested in any thoughts. Maybe a plugin?


I’m just wondering whether someone else has had a go merging two or more translations together?