Bible in Obsidian

With a nod to the excellent work by Joschua, I present a reader-friendly, alternative format of the World English Bible.

Screenshot from 2023-08-08 12-23-22

  • Preserves paragraph marks, footnotes, italicized sections, indents, and bolds the words of Jesus.
  • Chapter files are named for easy linking and also provide alias: for the full name
  • Navigation bars help you move around the text easily

It does not support linking to specific verses. That will take a plugin I haven’t written yet!

To get it, download the latest build, or go to, click the top build and look for

Feel free to drop comments if you think I’ve missed something!


Thank you so much for this. I think it looks for great for mobile.

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Wow. Looks great. What are your plans for linking to specific verses? Will you link by ^blocks?

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Verse linking is really important, as is the ability to link ranges of verses.

Ideally, [[1 Tim 3:15-16]] would just work. But it may be better to use [[1 Tim 3#15-16|1 Tim 3:15-16]] so that someone without the (TBD) verse-linking plugin would at least land in the correct file.

: is not a valid character for filenames on macOS, because it conflicts with UNIX. There are certain characters that conflict with file-names on Windows as well.