Better navigation using MOCs open in the sidebar

Use case or problem

When you click on a note in the File Explorer, it opens that note in the most recently viewed pane. I’d like to be able to open an MOC note in the sidebar and open links in it the same way: have them open in the most recently used pane. Right now there are only two options: you can either open a link in a new pane, or open in in the same sidebar tab as the MOC, replacing it.

Not having a way of using notes this way severely limits the usefulness of MOCs, as navigating using them is not as convenient as using the File Explorer.

Proposed solution

Add an action that allows you to open a link open in a sidebar note in the most recently viewed pane. Ideally, this would work contextually, so that I could replace the default click with it, but it would also be ok as a workaround if this required a special keyboard shortcut.

It’s not intuitive, but if you pin the note in the sidebar (right-click the icon in its top bar an pick "Pin’) you’ll get the behavior you want.

This isn’t documented in Help, but it should be.


Thanks! Had no idea pin did that!

I don’t see how anyone would guess it!

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