Being able to pay plugin developers

Use case or problem

Aren’t you grateful for all this? Obsidian and its plugins?
I was looking for a way to auto-magically find pieces of text and links as I type.
@SailKite pointed me to Various Complements plugin, by @tadashi-aikawa.
This little marvel of a plugin dramatically simplifies/improves the way I work & connect my notes.
I tried to send him some token of appreciation, and could not find a way.

That made me think:
" I pay for Obisidan not because I have to, but because I want to.
And there are other contributors I would really love to show appreciation to, in a concrete way."

Proposed solution

Can you find any way or combination of simple ways to enable one-time or recurring small token payments to contributors who change our lives everyday?

Current workaround (optional)

I’d pay him if there was a link on his page, but I didn’t find on Obsidian or Github or his site.

Related feature requests (optional)


Plugin & Theme developers can set the funding URL in their manifest, which can link to services like GitHub sponsors, Buy me a coffee and so on.
When the plugin is installed you can find a Donate button in the settings.
The button either has the text, or a heart icon, depending on where you look.