Behavior of embedding search query in the page

To anyone who’s running 0.10.2 and can speak to the behavior of embedded queries: the sample screen image on the release announcement shows a scrollable list within the note. Does this mean that the search results behave like the search plugin? That is to say, a list of matches, and one has to click on each to see each note? Thank you!

yes, it does

Thank you. I was hoping the search results would be presented as links instead, such that a hover action would display the note as we scan over the notes, and also optionally embed (!) into the note. This would make the searching note a living document, if desired, that could be a consolidation of other notes presented as a single formatted note, and the living note never has to be updated. Any chance it would someday move in that direction? Thanks for all the work, and the speedy reply!

You can open two feature requests:

  1. for hover action over search results (this is feasable in short term)
  2. for embedding the result of query (this is harder, also from a computational standpoint)
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Thanks, will do.

Suggestion 1. from WhiteNoise has been requested here: Hover over search results to show the note
Edit: Formulation within that request does not say it is limited to search pane so I assume it applies to embedded searches too.

This was in the context of the query block introduced in 0.10.2, not the general search.