Backlinks pane: issues with counters and erratic no-link messages

Following multiple issues encountered in backlinks pane seem related so I report them together.

Steps to reproduce

  • During process attached screenshot for reference.
  • Pin a pane (perhaps not relevant) which contains file “A”.
  • In pane/file “A”: open three dots, i.e. “More Options” → Open backlinks
  • Open or create file “B” in another pane.
  • In file B, write markdown link to file A: [link](A)
  • Link immediately appears in backlinks pane of A and the counter is increased from “0” to “1”. That works well.
  • Delete the link from file B.
  • Link immediately disappears from backlinks pane of A and the list of backlinks still shows downward folding arrow, indicating that there is no hidden link. That works well.
  • Issue: The backlinks counter still shows “1” instead of “0”.
  • Further edit of file B, e.g. press Enter to create new line.
  • (Inconsistency): After few seconds, “No backlinks found.” message appears in backlinks pane. IMHO, the message should be displayed in unfolded list immediately when the link is deleted.
  • Change size of Obsidian window by dragging it’s edge, or fold and unfold “Linked mentions” section in backlinks pane.
  • Issue: Any of these actions causes the message to disappear from backlinks pane.
  • In file B: Repeatedly paste and delete markdown link to file A.
  • Issue: At some point, Counter of UNLINKED mentions starts to show “2” instead of “0”. I guess, this is either caused by inconsistently counting mentions in yaml header in file A or it is caused by some data flow from counter of LINKED mentions.
  • Counters are corrected only if I close and reopen the Backlinks pane.

Expected result

  • correct values in counters, messages hidden/shown by relevant events.

Actual result

  • explained in “Steps to reproduce”


  • Operating system: Windows 7

Additional information

Displayed Backlinks Counters were implemented in Obsidian Release v0.8.4

I can repro everything expect the unlinked counter showing 2.

Unlinked counter showed 2 only sometimes, irregularly so for now do not care about it. I expect that solving reproduced issues will fix that one too as a side-effect. After those are fixed, I will try again and if the issue remains, I will let you know. Thank you for your work and Happy New Year.

will be fixed in 0.13.18

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