Obsidian Release v0.8.4

Shiny new things

  • Search improvements:
    • If a file has more than one match, the number of matches will be displayed next to the file.
    • The collapsed matches that said “… and 8 more matches” can now be expanded to show all results separately.
    • Matched text now shows 1 line of surrounding context by default. A new button “Show more context” is added to show up to 5 lines of context instead.
  • Backlink and unlinked mentions improvements:
    • Results can now be collapsed on a per-file basis, just like search results.
    • Backlinks and unlinked mentions has a counter for how many total matches when expanded.
    • Numerous fixes to recognizing and rendering listed below.
  • A new command has been added for opening a local graph.


  • Local graph now re-centers graph when switching file.
  • ![[Embed|Display]] now properly recognizes the link to “Embed.md” instead of “Embed|Display.md”.
  • Translations are now complete for Russian, Chinese (traditional).

No longer broken

  • Backlinks now properly show context around the matched link, instead of ignoring some space and newline characters, and sometimes showing duplicate words.
  • Unlinked mentions that previously matched links or embeds now properly exclude them.
  • Fixed graph view plugin accidentally renamed to “File explorer” causing it to enable/disable the file explorer plugin instead.
  • Fixed plugin enabled status resets when switching languages.
  • Long file names that couldn’t be fully displayed used to have a tooltip when hovering that was broken a few versions back. We added it back.
  • When clicking on an unlinked local graph, backlink, or outline pane, the pane would previously reset or go blank. That no longer happens.
  • LaTeX rendering was broken in 0.8.3 due to an optimization. It should now render properly.
  • When deleting a file that’s currently open, the outline and backlinks pane no longer closes to “no file is open”.

Known issues (Fixed in v0.8.5)

  • Identical links in the same paragraph would show up in backlinks as the first one twice.
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