Backlinks context drag and drop

Use case or problem

Here is the situation:

  • I am doing research work, with multiple (a lot of) literature notes.
  • Let’s consider one permanent note to which multiple literature notes are linked.
  • I open the permanent note, with the backlinks pane open in the right sidebar, and all the content from the literature notes.
  • Sometimes, I think that what I wrote in the literature notes is good, and I just want to copy it or just modify it a little bit.

Thus, I would like to be able to drag the “block of content” from the backlinks into the note, as followed:

Now, when we do this, we simply drag the link of the note corresponding to that backlink.

Proposed solution

Solution 1:

Proposed solution would be to copy the content of the “block” on which the mouse is. In this way, we can drag the note if we want, but we can also drag any block of content we want.

Solution 2:

Solution 2 would be to use the block reference when we drag and drop rather than copying the text

Current workaround (optional)

If you want to achieve this from now, either

  • You write again the content of the backlink context (super inefficient)
  • You open the backlink, copy, come back to the initial note, paste (super inefficient)

Related feature requests (optional)