Backlinking to page titles case-insensitive

Can the backlinking be made case-insensitive?

When I currently create a new page based on the block header “My Notes” (with upper case initials), the new page title will also be with upper case initials. When I later link “my notes” on another page in the sentence “Yesterday I checked my notes.”, the backlinking changes the “my notes” mid-sentence into “My Notes”. I would prefer that a link is established, but the case remains unchanged.


This makes sense to me, too. I would like to be able to name my notes like Wikipedia articles, using title case e.g. “Something”, but be able to link to it in the middle of a sentence e.g. “talking about [[something]] cool”.

Seems really important - how are people dealing with this currently?

Propably with the alias [[something|An Uppercase Note]]

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So that is the proper way? Ever time I want to link to something I need to [[Something|something]] ?

ATM yes

This feature would be extremely useful! I’m dealing with the same issue.

Recently started using Roam and found this same issue. Came here and was pleasantly surprised that there is now a mobile app and I will most likely switch to Obsidian.

My first search was to see if this problem is solved in Obsidian. This would be incredibly useful. I have barely started my notes and this pops up all the time.