Backlinking to page titles case-insensitive

Can the backlinking be made case-insensitive?

When I currently create a new page based on the block header “My Notes” (with upper case initials), the new page title will also be with upper case initials. When I later link “my notes” on another page in the sentence “Yesterday I checked my notes.”, the backlinking changes the “my notes” mid-sentence into “My Notes”. I would prefer that a link is established, but the case remains unchanged.


This makes sense to me, too. I would like to be able to name my notes like Wikipedia articles, using title case e.g. “Something”, but be able to link to it in the middle of a sentence e.g. “talking about [[something]] cool”.

Seems really important - how are people dealing with this currently?

Propably with the alias [[something|An Uppercase Note]]

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So that is the proper way? Ever time I want to link to something I need to [[Something|something]] ?

ATM yes