Backlink plugin update

This is really important feature to have. Databases have usualy lot of items. The current feature of Backlink plugin (right side pane) is not usable at all. The mention links appear with no order what so ever. And it make the finding of the right connection after infinite scrolling… There is big lessons learned from new search feature to be impelmented as well for Backlink plugin.

Suggestions to consider

  1. ORDERING: User should be able to order the result by many options:
  • based on created date
  • based on modification date
  • based on precision of result
  • Full word matches
  • Fuzzy words, in addition sorted based on how many times they appear in single note
  1. FILTER: User should be able to filter the result with many options. The filter should works directly in search field, but in same time user should be able to click in icon and pick filter manualy. All manual changes should change the text search filed with relevant filter syntax.
  • Filter only current directory
  • Filter links added this week or give nice time picker (week,month, half-year)…etc
  • Filter based on TAG

I call too for same user experience on Search’s and Backlink’s, equally important. Both to have similar (if not same) Ordering and Filtering capabilities as what @den has in OP.

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Thanks to the makers’ effort in bringing standardization to the above, beginning from v0.8.10.
Obsidian Release v0.8.10