Obsidian Release v0.8.10

Shiny new things

  • Search & backlinks now has an option to sort results, similar to file explorer.
  • File sort order now includes sorting by creation time.
  • Local graph nodes are now in decremental size from closest to farthest.
  • A new search operator tag:#mytag is now available, which will only match tags that are parsed exactly as tags (for example, #mytag inside a code block will be properly ignored).
  • A new hotkey has been added to create note in new pane.
  • The Zettelkasten prefixer plugin can now set Zettel ID format, similar to daily notes.
  • Daily note/Zettelkasten prefixer: Template file now accepts {{date:format}} and {{time:format}} just like the template plugin.
  • Frontmatter in preview now has a CSS class to facilitate styling.


  • Graph view has been greatly optimized. File changes only trigger incremental change detection to re-compute graph instead of a full scan.
  • Search and backlinks now refreshes when files in the vault are changed. This update is also done incrementally to minimize performance impact.
  • Backlinks pane has now been optimized when switching files or editing note, it will no longer cause lag to the editing experience.
  • Opening help vault now wipes the folder first, which prevents older version of the help docs sticking around when they have been renamed.

No longer broken

  • Fixed Cmd/Ctrl-click links and tags in edit mode sometimes requires a 2nd click.
  • Consecutive tables now include proper spacing between them instead of being stuck together.
  • In the file explorer, you can now click on file names while renaming them without exiting rename mode.
  • Fixed footnotes with embedded documents not linking to the right footnote reference when clicked.

Known issues

  • Extra empty space at the bottom of the app.
  • Account page not loading.