Backlink in document (core plugin): turn off this setting for specific notes

  • problem: some note types don’t need backlinks displayed in the document. Particularly notes on the side panel, but at other times I want this feature too.
  • desired outcome: In the core plugin backlinks settings, there should be an exclude notes option.
    • Notes could be excluded by #tag by folder path, by YAML metadata (default show-backlinks: false or custom specific-note-type: no-backlinks).


  • a note in the sidepanel, where I wouldn’t want to see back links. usually I have a link to today’s daily note here, and I never want backlinks shown.

Had to use css snippet for a workaround on this.

/* disable embedded backlinks for sidebar */
.workspace-split.mod-left-split .embedded-backlinks,
.workspace-split.mod-right-split .embedded-backlinks{
	display:  none;

Also few more extra goodies: Minor css snippet tweaks for Obsidian Minimal theme · GitHub