Backlink Images

Here’s my proposal, although i know it strays a bit from markdown…

  • The ability to select parts of an image and link that to another note, possibly using a hotkey from the editor to open a window of the image, and create the backlinks in there.

  • In preview mode, can hover over parts of the image and preview the backlinked note.

I know it strays from markdown files, however could get around this by the backlinks being just tagged with a notation of the co-ordinates (in pixels) in the image.


Moon Craters

( ![[Moon.png]] : “[[Picard]] {175,200}” , “[[Copernicus]] {100,150}” )

Any thoughts on this?
I think it would be absolutely huge for more atomic, linked notes. It absolutely would be for me!
Any devs interested please get on this, i just don’t have the time at the moment.

Cheers guys.


I like the idea.

I had a very similar but relatively different request here:


search/open a feature request and follow the template

How to do that?

Since you can embed HTML in Markdown, you can use a HTML image map for this purpose.

Hmm true, but certainly far from frictionless.

I think this plugin may help, check this out: New Plugin: Obsidian Leaflet - Interactive maps in notes - #9 by arminus