Stacking images with alphas - ability to set links for clicks

I am imagining a scenario I often have where I am developing a concept with sketches or in 3D and would like to build notes into my existing vault about various parts of the image without distracting call outs or using legends.

It would be pretty helpful to be able to just click on a portion of the image and have the related link be opened.

The workflow for this feature could be to start by exporting multiple image files from your software of choice with their alpha channels and, in Obsidian, order the links for them within an outer link wrapper. After each of the image links you would perhaps specify the link that clicking on a non transparent portion of that image would open.

It gets tricky when there are parts of the image not completely opaque, but the rule would be to open the image on top if the click location had multiple images with opaque portions beneath.

It would be so nice to just open and pin the note containing the stacked images, and click on portions of the image to open up that portion’s corresponding note in adjacent pane, where you could, for example, have that image alone embedded up top along with the composite, additional sketches, renders, and notes corresponding to those elements of the image.

This would really be great for artists who work digitally in both 2D and 3D all the way from the beginning to the end of the production.

I recently followed up in an email with an Autodesk representative after their Vision Series for the Siggraph conference and mentioned that I had been using Obsidian to aid in my workflow planning and tracking, while also saying I was interested in hearing more about their project management software, which I think may be overkill for someone like me.

I also mentioned that it would be cool if there were some way to package a 3d viewer as a plugin that could be implemented into software like Obsidian, to have different portals into scene files built into a network of notes.



I think this plugin may help: New Plugin: Obsidian Leaflet - Interactive maps in notes - #9 by arminus

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