Ayu + Ayu Mirage + Charcoal + Panic Room Themes

Inspired by the Ayu Mirage theme available for several editors.

Just like the andygruv/pisium theme, made by @MooddooM, all themes in this thread are the same in both dark and light mode, the difference being that in light mode your notes will appear in this Gingko/Andy-like mode, which was kindly provided by @death.au in this thread.

To change this, just choose dark mode in Preferences > Appearance.


And classic Ayu Light

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Amazing theme! Even better than the Bear one. And I just created an account to say thank you!

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Nice theme.

Highlighting text with ==text== results in a dark, almost invisible highlight. I looked in the css but could not find which lines regulates that.
Please advise, including the code for that nice golden colour to highlight with.

I would also like this with that golden highlight:

.suggestion-item.is-selected {
    background-color: var(--text-accent);

When I use that bit of code, it does give some sort of golden highlight, but the white letters in it are unreadable. I don’t where that colour is set.


Plus, another theme: Charcoal



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You’re welcome!

Now, another theme: Panic Room


Really nice theme
But mine looks like this, why?

Just edited the first post in the thread with info about this.

Hi! Those are quite attractive themes :heart_eyes:

Is it possible for you to pull them into separate repos so that we can feature them on our community theme list?

Hi Silver. Sure, gladly. I will just make some minor fixes first than I will post back with repo links.

Thank you! I’m sure the community will be thrilled for these additions :smiley:

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@Silver, here they are. Is this the way you need them to be?

@bernardo_v That’s perfect!

My last 2 questions would be:

  1. Would you like to use “bernardo_v” as your displayed author name, or something else?
  2. Would you like to keep the word “Obsidian” in the theme name? For example, do you want “Obsidian-Charcoal” to appear as “Charcoal” or “Obsidian Charcoal”?

Thank you!

Hi @Silver,

Yep, that’s fine.

I don’t really have a preference here, but if I had to choose, I would go for just “Charcoal”. :wink:

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Almost didn’t notice the css files are not named obsidian.css, which wouldn’t work with our community theme fetcher. Submitted three PRs.

Regarding GDCT and Ayu, do you want the light and dark mode to be separate themes? I don’t know how much work it would be to combine them, you can use the .theme-dark and .theme-light class on body. If we can combine them into one, it would be nice as users can automatically get the corresponding theme when they switch between light and dark.

Just fixed the names!

In all themes, light/dark mode are being used for andy-mode on/off. Do you think it is preferable to have it work as a light/dark mode switch?

Thanks, that makes sense. Thanks for fixing the names in Ayu and GDCT!

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Added to community themes, thanks again!

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