Automatically update links to headers when these are renamed

Use case or problem

When one links (wikilinks) to another page ([[Some page]]) and that page is renamed, all links pointing to it are updated to match the new title. Great.

When one does the same to a section within the current file (e.g. [[# Section]]), links do not get updated. In fact, they don’t even show as broken; they simply stop working.

Proposed solution

Extend the link update feature to also apply to section links.

Related feature requests (optional)

This could be related but it’s not even filled all the way: Rename headings from the links.


Another idea for this would be to make a way to refactor a heading into an new note and in opposite direction. Like when we refactor the content of a heading it automatically update all the links to that heading to a new note. That would be make the natural evolution and expansion of a note so much smoother.

I think this is the same as:

Also related: updating backlinks to a linked block when it is cut from one note and pasted into a different note. Not sure why this one went to the feature archive.