Automatically unfold all search results when they fit in search pane

Use case or problem

I have to unfold search results in each file to see them. Such folded state is good for initial overview of matching files but unnecessary effort when there is just few matching files and empty pane below them.
Especially, “… and 1 more match” is completely unreasonable when “Show more context” is Off.

Proposed solution

Adjust default folding level based on item counts vs screen-space.
After execution of global search: When all search results unfolded still allow to fit last file name on the screen, then show them so, eliminate unnecessary step of manual unfolding. When they would not fit, then show them folded as is currently done.

Alternative/complementary feature/workaround would be hotkey for “unfold all search results”.

Related feature requests

keywords: collapse, ergonomy, intelligent folding, quality of life