Automatically replace text

I want to automatically replace qq to . With Text Expander I need to wrap it in the bracket and hit tab {{qq}} Tab. Is there any plugin to convert it to me automatically? I will need to use this on phone, so plugin is preferable.


If an iPhone, iOS system-wide text replacements work in Obsidian.


I use Windows and Android. Plus that I prefer to have a plugin solution, so the replacement triggers are synced

Okay. For Apple devices, replacement triggers are synced across macOS, iPadOS and iOS, so they work on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops) and are available in all apps, not just Obsidian. Saves so much time.


On the desktop you can do this with the plugin “Text Snippets”. I’ve tested your use-case and it works fine.

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it doesn’t work on mobile though :frowning: