Automatic "Next" and "Previous" Sibling for Breadcrumbs

Things I have tried

I searched around google and the forums, and watched the breadcrumb intro video again, but couldn’t find what I’m looking for here.

What I’m trying to do

I want to be able to press a hotkey and jump to the next sibling, without having to write in “next” relationships explicitly on all my files. I have Siblings already setup (using the “Same parent is siblings” feature), and just would want to have a way to dynamically set a “next” and “previous”, e.g., by comparing current file name with sibling filenames.

I think a reasonable approach would be alpha-numerically (e.g., for current file name “1.1” would want “next” to be “1.2” and “previous” to be “1.0” NOT)

Another alternative would be to set the “next” and “previous” based on the “index page” (i.e., if using the hierarchy notes feature, “next” and “previous” can be inferred from what order they appear there).

Would be open to other solutions, just don’t want to have to write the “next” and “prev” in manually, especially since files are often changing and getting refactored and so on. But since the pattern I’m using to name my files is consistent, then I just want to leverage that to have a handy hotkey :slight_smile:

Could you insert a template that does the appropriate arithmetic on your filename to identify next and prev? That is what I do with my weekly notes.
For daily notes breadcrumbs seems able to do it automatically after I set up that hierarchy type in the settings.

As far as I can tell, the “same parent as sibling” gives siblings the <-> type (maybe called equal/same in your hierarchy) which is totally different from prev/next, and I have not yet figured out a good way of getting breadcrumbs to combine those. I look forward to learning from what you find out!

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Yeah, that might be a backup plan. And then write some script to do that across all my notes.

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