Auto propagate heading renames when the heading is a link to a note that’s renamed

Use case or problem

If you are using heading links to link to headings that are actually named as a note link, and the note is renamed, any links to that heading will be broken.

Proposed solution

If a heading that is named as a link to a note has its name changed because the note name is changed, have this automatically propagate the heading name change. I know this is a strange use case, but since it is impossible to effectively use the right click “Rename this heading” command in this context, it would narrowly solve this issue barring any unintended consequences I am not considering. Without a solution, this snafu could be especially troublesome if multiple headings had the changed note’s name as its heading name, and worse yet if | symbols for alternative link text are being used.

Related feature requests (optional)

If this broader request were implemented, it would solve this narrow use case in the process:

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