Automatic/inline update of links to headers when they are modified (no extra dialog window)

Currently to propagate the change of header text to header links, an explicit user interaction is needed that involves opening a modal window.

It would be great if this change is detected automatically/inline and no explicit user action/dialog is necessary.


The original FR has 83 upvotes.


Please make this happen - as a full feature … not a right click situation.


@toiteam : I have also been dying to have this feature. In fact, I am surprised it is still outstanding even though it is a basic requirement. The right-click ‘solution’ is just a workaround, but of not much use.

Still, this request only has 8 upvotes (see OP at the top of this page), so will it ever be implemented???


Here is the link to the original in case anyone was looking for it like myself

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Made an account to like and comment on this issue. As I use internal links in headers, and just did a note name overhaul, essentially all of my header links (which are the main way I link) are broken. This is causing serious frustration with Obsidian/reconsideration of using Obsidian, please fix. Been great otherwise.


@shinyben : you make a good, and very important point. I have the same frustration after using the Numbered headings plug-in for a while.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, because this is now on Licat’s short term road map.


Woot! :grinning:


At least in the backwards, 1980’s, f-key driven, MS-DOS based world of the modern Electronic Health Record (EHR)…

Imagine Sarah McLaughlin singing “In the arms of the angels,” but with sad doctors and patients instead of neglected puppies and kittens…

Non Sequitur Sundays!

(But for serious, we must automate to liberate [from the clicks]… Even in the manna that is Obsidian)

+1 small vote for Homo habilis and Obsidian tool goodness

+1 large vote for Homo sapiens sapiens and its war on clicks

(Also, +1 for das feature)

I have it from the horse’s mouth (Licat’s) directly:

Preserve links after renaming headings has already been implemented - you just have to trigger the rename using the right click menu on the heading. Blocks don’t get renamed often so we haven’t prioritized it.

My reply:

The right click trigger is not workable in practice. You have to remember to do it. It should be an automatic thing, like the automatic adjustment of links when file names are changed.

Licat’s explanation:

Unfortunately, monitoring heading changes automatically is impractical from a performance perspective. Automatic rename would mean that the program has to constantly monitor what you’re typing in the document.
Constantly checking if you’re editing a heading or not a heading, whether that heading has references to it. It also doesn’t know when your rename is finished.

So, that means this feature request will never be implemented natively in Obsidian. @WhiteNoise can therefore close this topic.