Attribute table (like in Roam)

It would be great to have the ability to extract “attributes” from notes, and present/organize them in tables. This is possible in Roam via {{functions}}.

A potential use case is something like a literature review - a table could include a collection of papers: under specific “topics” and published in the past ten years. Information about papers is in literature notes from Zotero (via plugins like mdnotes, and Citations (with Zotero)). Attribute tables will allow me to see these papers’ theoretical contributions, main arguments, methodologies, etc side by side. Currently I have such tables in Airtable or Excel, which basically contain the same information I have in each note. Attribute tables within Obsidian will help me avoid copying and pasting the same information from my notes into tables (Airtable, Excel).

Furthermore, Roam community has made several extensions for attribute tables, such as sorting, filtering columns, and filtering rows and more complex filtering rules.

A related Obsidian plugin I found is query2table does something similar with the attributes in files YAML front matter. My suggestion is to do this with the text in the body of the notes.

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I believe this is a planned feature of the dataview plugin.