Attempted to copy over .obsidian, and now broke my Sync!

Things I have tried

  • I have sync set up on two different laptops: Laptop A and Laptop B.

  • Laptop B was behind Laptop A (in sync terms).

  • Laptop B also didn’t have all of the plugins and settings I’d configured on Laptop A.

  • I copied .obsidian from Laptop A to Laptop B, overwriting the contents of the folder.

  • I then opened up Obsidian on Laptop B and watched the sync log carefully.

  • I saw older versions of files being uploaded from Laptop B, and being accepted on Laptop A.

  • I was able to restore earlier versions of all of these files.

  • I then tested what would happen if I deleted sync.json from Laptop B.

  • I watched the sync log, and saw Laptop B rejecting changes I’d made (when restoring files) from Laptop A.

What I’m trying to do

  • I am trying to have the same configuration and plugins on Laptop B, as on Laptop A. (I think this is now done)
  • I would like Laptop A’s versions of all of the files to be considered the primary, and overwrite any versions on Laptop B.
  • I would then like to keep them in sync, as per normal behaviour.

Please, how can I achieve the above? :slight_smile:

Syncing settings is something that explicitly isn’t supported yet but the developers are planning on adding. Searching the forum for “sync settings” will lead you to this feature request

Importantly, when this gets implemented they’ll be offering some options around what gets sync’d. e.g. you may not want to sync all plugins on mobile