Ask:Obsidian Is the code available for graph-view?

Things I have tried

Lines and Titles do not draw.

  • Turned off Settings->Use GPU which worked.
  • Verified Card NVIDIA GeForce 970
  • Direct X feature level is 12_1

What I’m trying to do

Understand why they don’t draw. How does the implementation address the GPU?

Went to setting and turned off use GPU per

This worked. The claim was the GPU must be an older model. This would seem to be a crazy claim.

Have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 - while old it supports up to Direct X feature level 12_1. Curious about how the GraphView rendering works and connected to the OS graphics Driver.

I’m not an Obsidian dev, just a volunteer fellow-user.

Correct. Would like to debug what is failing to draw. Having access to a stack trace would be helpful and likely instructive.

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