Argdown support

Support for .argdown would be a great addition to Obsidian - especially helpful for those looking to transform new ideas into well structured arguments.

It would compliment the graph view nicely, allowing one to visualize the structure of a single file in a similar fashion.


Interesting concept, hadn’t come across it before. One learns every day :smiley:

+1 for argdown support!

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markdown is a trunk, and everyone can add a leaf on.

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It’s cool.

Seems like a great and useful feature! I would love to play with it!

Anyone who can ask the developers of Obsidian?

Just to mention that there is a VS Code extension for Argdown.

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Hi there, I’m a philosopher and I strongly support the idea of integrating Argdown into Obsidian. Argdown is “a simple syntax for complex argumentation” and yes, it uses Markdown. I’m not a programmer, but maybe there is already a way of integrating argdown in obsidian?


I asked the developer of Argdown and he wrote me this:

“You should ask the Obsidian developers what Markdown parser they are using and if it is or will be possible to add plugins to the Markdown parser (in a configuration file). If so, it might actually be easy to add Argdown to Obsidian via a plugin or some configuration file.”

Now my further question: is it possible to add plugins to the markdown parser in a configuration file?

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What are the chances to get an Argdown support? The developer of Argdown told me he would be willing to help the Obsidian team integrating Argdown and that they can probably use their Mermaid integration code as a base to start from.

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this would be amazing. mermaid is great but argdown would be a great addition, highly support this!

@welstand not really sure, but perhaps the argdown developers could create a community plug in. It might be worth mentioning it, to see if they find it possible.

Although I’m not sure if it should be a built in feature in obsidian, but it’s worth a try

you could try sending them this
plugin for them to take a look to see if it’s possible


Sent, let’s see how they reply…


awesome, thanks! I think it’d be amazing if argdown worked with obsidian. Let us know if you have any updates on it. I’ll make sure to put a notification on this post to keep an eye for it!

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Hi there, here the answer of the developer of Argdown:

Hi, sorry for not answering sooner. I took a quick look at the sample plugin when you posted the link. The plugin did not contain an example of how to configure the Markdown parser (or add plugins to it), so I did not want to spend more time on this (as I am currently working full-time on other projects). There probably is a way to do this (and it’s probably not that hard), so maybe you can find another Obsidian user who can write the plugin. I am willing to help, but at the moment I will not do it myself.

Do you have any idea who can we ask for it?


got you, that is fair if Argdown’s creator doesn’t have the time to maintain a plugin for Obsidian.

I’m still learning programming so my skill level is still too limited for this.

For the time being, we would have to wait for a hero to read this somewhere in the future, and make this happen.

in the midtime, I know mermaid diagrams aren’t as simple as argdown, but at least they work great with obsidian for now.

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I would be also interested if it is possible to configure markdown parser / customize markdown syntax using plugins. I have requested this before existence of API:


Are there any news on this? :innocent:

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+1 for Argdown plugin