Application of canvas files on mobile devices


  1. On the Mac, opening „canvas documents“ works directly in Obsidian and can even be scrolled.

  2. On mobile devices, a view within the Obsidian app is not possible.

Instead, there is only a „SEND COPY“ function.

  1. However, the files with this .canvas extension cannot be opened in any other application, so there is no practical benefit.

  2. Incidentally, I wonder how the content of PDF files can be scrolled on mobile devices, just as it is possible on the MAC. Currently, on my iPhone II have to open every page with a click, which is very uncomfortable. I hoped that this would also work on mobile devices in canvas format. Unfortunately, this is not the case. On the contrary, this is made even less attractive due to the SEND-Copy function.

My question:

HOW can PDF files also be conveniently read and edited on mobile devices by scrolling the individual pages ?

Thanks for your help

Regarding the Canvas on mobile, you can find that answer in the FAQ of the release notes. They are working on it.

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