Apple bugs from initial mod-testing

style nits

  • [ ] “Bold, italic, etc” shows in selection toolbar when the heading text is selected
    • This is a minor issue, doesn’t seem to do anything when I press it
  • [x] Weird visual artifact in header (top-right)
  • [x] Cursor is black
    • not always, but it switches between blue and black a lot
  • [ ] visual artifacts at the bottom of the screen. I’m not sure what the 2 black bars are down there.
  • [ ] the time, date, Wi-Fi and battery indicator stay black with the dark theme at the top of the screen

icloud sync

iCloud sync doesn’t get reflected in the app without a restart - working on a file watcher since last night


  • [ ] tooltips for the UI like the obsidian sync indicator flash up for a fraction of a second


  • [ ] export to PDF doesn’t work (without iCloud sync, just with obsidian sync)
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  • [ ] Creating a new folder doesn’t alllow renaming it. It gets created as Untitled and the text seems to be selected, but typing doesn’t do anything.
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  • [ ] Typing the folder for the daily notes location should be case-insensitive, the keyboard always starts with Caps on, so typing Journal didn’t update the suggestions for journal (where my notes are). I also sent a screenshot related to the cursor and dropdown overlapping.
  • The “dismiss keyboard” button on the keyboard bar doesn’t do anything

  • iOS text selection UX isn’t fully baked. E.g., the app tries to select a word on double-tap, but it immediately returns to the previous cursor location

I see, probably something wrong with z index. We’ll see if there’s anything we can fix on our end.


The iOS text selection was the FIRST thing I noticed. I use that alot actually. Try to double tap a word and expect it will select it like ios does natively everywhere else. It does it quickly and then loses the selection and goes back to just a cursor with no selection.

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These should all be fixed as of 0.0.12.

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