[iOS] input problem with Japanese keyboard

With Japanese keyboard, I cannot type any character when the cursor is at the beginning of a line. Typed characters vanish when I tap return. After typing any character with other keyboard, (maybe because the cursor is not at the beginning of the line,) then I can type without problems.
Some Chinese keyboards seem to cause same issue.

The problem in the first post seems to be fixed in v0.0.11. Thank you very much.
But another problem:
When we input Japanese text longer than a few words, first we input hiragana and then convert them to kanji in order.
In v0.0.11, when I complete first hiragana-to-kanji conversion, the rest of unconverted hiragana part moves to the beginning of the line. (As a result, the order of words gets reversed.)
This doesn’t occur if there is any character inputted right of the cursor. (It seems to occur when the cursor is at the LAST of a line.)
Sorry for my poor English!

Does this happen with custom css/plugins off as well?

Yes. I have not installed any custom css or plugin yet.

iOS 14.4 on iPhone 11pro / iPad OS 14.1 on iPad mini 5
with default keyboards (Japanese Kana / Japanese Romaji)

We’ll see what we can do about it, it might be a bug with Codemirror 6 which would need to be fixed upstream though.

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Thank you for your reply.
I confirmed that the same problem occurs in the following page:

(The box in the middle of the page is a sample of CodeMirror 6, right?)

In the (maybe) older version, such a problem doesn’t occur.
So I might have to wait the development progress of CodeMirror 6.

And I found a temporary workaround: ATOK, a paid iOS keyboard app, doesn’t cause this problem.

Any chance you can record a video of the page https://codemirror.net/6/?

It would be great if you can create an issue with CodeMirror directly at https://github.com/codemirror/codemirror.next/issues and upload the video to the GitHub issue directly. If not, send me a link to your video and I can create the issue there.

I tried to upload the video. Can I ask you to create the issue? (I’m a non-programmer and I don’t know how I should do…)

  1. Type hiragana words “こんにちはせかい”, and then try to convert them to “こんにちは世界(hello world)”.
  2. When I finish the first conversion (in this case, こんにちは is not converted to kanji, but fixed as hiragana), the next word せかい moves to the beginning of the line, which messes up order of the words.
  3. Finally I converted せかい to 世界, which resulted in “世界こんにちは(world hello)”.

I confirmed this problem only in iOS default Japanese keyboards (Kana/Romaji). Microsoft IME on windows and at least one third-party iOS keyboard app(ATOK) seem not to cause this problem.

I don’t know why, but when there is any character right to the cursor, this problem doesn’t happen.

I have filed an issue here: iOS Japanese input behavior · Issue #430 · codemirror/codemirror.next · GitHub

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Thank you for your kindness, and for your wonderful app!

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CodeMirror 6 has fixed the issue - we will update soon and it should be fixed in a future release.

Great! I’m looking forward to the next release :smile:

Unfortunately, it seems that similar problem still occurs while inputting Japanese in v.0.0.13, although some behavior has changed. This problem is already recognized in GitHub issues, so I believe it will be fixed in the near future.

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