App Won't Start (Says "Loading Plugins")

Hi all,

I haven’t been able to start Obsidian for weeks because whenever I do, I get an error message that says “Loading plugins…” and it looks like the app is continually trying to load but never does so.

Any ideas about why this is happening and how I can resolve it?


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it would be great if you followed the bug report template. What is your os? Also in which directory did you put your vault.

My apologies, @WhiteNoise - I’m a newbie and not quite as tech savvy as some of the members here. Here’s the information that was originally requested:

Steps to reproduce

Whenever I try to load Obsidian, I get an error message that says “Loading plugins…” and it looks like the app is continually trying to load but never opens fully.

Expected result

I expect the Obsidian app to open and to be able to view and access the notes I've stored in it.

Actual result

A "Loading Plugins..." screen appears for hours.


  • Operating system: MacOS Big Sur 11.2.1
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.13

Additional information

![Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 9.18.06 PM|655x500](upload://rHnahtVq4K5n0JbjADewOwC7l37.png)

I can’t see what you uploaded. In which directory did you put your vault?

@WhiteNoise - Yikes, I’m realizing that you also asked about the directory that I used to keep my vault. It looks like I’ve placed the vault within a folder in my Documents folder which is appearing as part of my iCloud drive. I don’t recall this being the case when I first installed Obsidian but have upgraded to MacOS Big Sur since then so maybe that is part of the problem (i.e. that my files are now in the cloud and/or not where they were before)?

Thanks so much for reading!

ok, so can you check if the files are local or have been moved to the cloud? if they have been moved, this may be the issue.

(I’m now preparing to disable iCloud on my computer but am having to duplicate all of my files to avoid losing them in the process)

regardless if the folder is in icloud or not, are the files present in the drive or are they only on iclould?

can you try to delete vaultdirectory/.obsidian? .obsidian is a hidden directory

@WhiteNoise - I typed vaultdirectory/.obsidian into the search bar in the upper right hand corner of my computer and in the Finder but it didn’t return any results. I’m not sure if there’s another place where I can use that search term?

In terms of the where the folder is, does this image help?

in that finder window pres cmd+shift+. a director named .obsidian will appear. Delete it or move it to your desktop. see if after that obsidian starts.

Thanks for sharing those instructions! Hmm… now it says “Loading vault…” continuously rather than “Loading plugins…”

Here is a screenshot:

ok, go in this directory /Users/kaitlinnsmith/Library/Application Support/obsidian and delete obsidian.json

I believe that when you updated your mac, your documents where moved to iclould.

Obsidian should start, you can then select the new location of your vault.

I just seem to have finally connected iCloud properly after I noticed that the system was moving so slowly to copy my iCloud files over. After doing that and moving the .obsidian folder back to its original location, a fuller screen now appears when I open Obsidian but the database still won’t load.

Here 's a screenshot:

Thank you so much, @WhiteNoise - Obsidian is working again! I can finally breathe easily - thank you again for your patience and support!

ok, I think that with your new mac update, apple moved your staff to another location that is handled by iclould. So if you are fine with it, you should use that new location.