Another folder system

I made a new folder system because apparently it’s my hobby now. I wouldn’t describe it as ultimate (for that, see Nick Milo’s ACE), but I would describe it as thoughtfully designed for my own brain. I include some example [[notes]] for context.

The purpose is to create distinctions between file types based on how I think about the different roles, activities, etc. of my life and how I chunk my time.

One thing to note about this is that I use my Obsidian vault as a file explorer as well as a knowledge base. I save my excel documents (for example, personal budgeting spreadsheets) in my oikonomia/finances folder. I do this because it helps me to reduce digital maintenance and I can see all of the relevant material (including “notes”) in one spot.

In like manner, images, screenshots of tables from academic articles, inspiring landscape paintings, examples of fonts I like to use for calligraphy practice, etc. are all saved in the relevant folders next to the notes about them, and they follow an appropriate file-naming system to ensure they cluster together. For example, let’s say I save a PDF of a music sheet. I will save it in the kokoro/music folder and call it ukulele_author_title

Maybe not a perfect system, but it makes me feel happy and it’s one iteration of my various experiments which I feel satisfies me the most. I would be happy to receive your feedback for further refinements and ideas!


obsidian resources

notes and documents supporting my use of Obsidian

  • _obsidian-resources
    • css-snippets
    • dataview
    • references
    • templates


notes and documents about my career and entrepreneurial projects

  • business-1
  • business-2
  • business-ideas
  • professional-contacts
  • professional-development


notes and documents about people and activities that nourish body, mind, heart, and soul

  • kokoro
    • athletics
      • [[archery]]
      • [[cross-country skiing]]
      • [[cycling]]
      • [[fitness]]
      • [[hiking and related skills]]
      • [[javelin]]
      • [[qigong and tai chi]]
      • [[rock climbing]]
      • [[running]]
    • family-and-friends
      • [[friendship]]
      • [[marriage]]
      • [[parenting]]
    • land-skills
      • [[animal husbandry]]
      • [[gardening, flowers]]
      • [[gardening, fruits and vegetables]]
      • [[gardening, herbs and teas]]
      • [[landscaping]]
      • [[livestock]]
      • [[stone carving]]
      • [[stone masonry]]
      • [[woodcarving and woodturning]]
      • [[woodworking]]
    • music
      • [[fiddle]]
      • [[harmonica]]
      • [[piano]]
      • [[singing]]
      • [[ukulele (baritone)]]
      • [[ukulele (tenor)]]
      • [[violin]]
    • pensieve
    • physical-wellness
      • [[food groups and nutrition]]
      • [[health notes]]
      • [[sleep]]
    • presence
      • [[analog living and digital minimalism]]
    • rituals
    • visual-art


notes and documents related to taking care of my home and personal admin

  • oikonomia
    • finances
    • home-improvement-projects
    • organization
    • plans-routines


notes and documents related to building and contributing to knowledge on topics not related to those in other areas of this vault.

_conceptual-ramblings refers to atomic research notes based on knowledge sources (including questions, original ideas and claims, statistics, and the like, because I am too lazy to follow proper ZK)

important to note is the way I distinguish between sources and original works in the below folders is simply by file name: type_author_YYYY_title vs. type_mylastname_YYYY_title

  • photosynthesis
    • _conceptual-ramblings
    • academic-works
    • ancient-texts
    • articles
    • books
    • films
    • government-documents
    • industry-documents
    • letters
    • news
    • novels
    • organizations
    • people-of-interest
    • places-of-interest
    • podcasts
    • poems
    • professional-development
    • short-stories
    • songs
    • speeches
    • videos


notes and documents related to travel and events

  • travel
  • events

Previous experimental folder systems of mine:


Looks interesting, I’m going to implement the “Kokoro” section in my vault because I was writing everything I care about in other apps, like a journal. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for commenting! I hope it helps :slight_smile:

Having read your post, my question is: how do you effectively utilize the knowledge you’ve documented in your notes? In other words, how do you ensure that you comprehend the information in a way that allows for easy recall when needed, particularly during conversations? It seems counterproductive if the knowledge you’ve amassed becomes inaccessible during opportune moments. I’m facing this challenge and struggling to find an effective method for retaining and recalling information.