Annoying problem with Daily Notes plugin

I’m using the Daily Notes plugin with the setting “Open daily note on startup” which is pretty convenient for my Obsidian usage, but i have two little annoying problems.

  1. Despite having the setting “Settings->Editor->Default new pane mode” on “Preview” mode, every time i open up Obsidian the daily note opens up in the editor mode, which is kind of annoying since i open up and close obsidian many times a day on my mobile app, and i rarely use the editor mode from there.
  2. Another minor issue is that when i open up Obsidian it opens with all the panes from the previous session, but instead of opening up a new pane with the daily note, it replaces the pane of the last note opened. But this is more trivial to me, what i’m really trying to fix is the first issue.

Any help is appreciated, since i am newish to Obsidian and i don’t have much programming experience.
A big problem is that i don’t even know where to look at, since Daily Notes is a core plugin and i can’t find the location of its code.

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I don’t know if there’s a built-in option to enable #1, but you could accomplish it with a URL scheme and the Advanced Obsidian URI plugin. Then all you have to do is make a shortcut on your mobile device that triggers this URL (replacing the “” part with the name of your vault):


I don’t use/know about panes enough to help you with #2. Sorry.

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  1. Yeah, even the command to open the daily note automatically goes into edit mode. Maybe this is worth a feature request. (But search first to make sure it hasn’t already been asked. There are somewhat related FRs related to specifying or locking or remembering edit/preview mode.)

Also the new Live Preview mode might help a bit too. It will blur the line between edit and preview, at least.

  1. Adding to @2fifty6’s suggestion, I found this feature request for being able to specify a new-or-existing pane via URL:

Thank you but I thought it was easier, i’ll try to implement this in the future, or maybe i’ll just wait the next version for the Live Preview.

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