Andy Matuschak mode - V2.7 (updated for 0.7+ new panes)

It should not be called V2, it should be called V3.


Thanks for this @Martin, I hadn’t got around to updating this post yet.

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Many thanks for this update. I love your AM css, 1st thing I always add to a new theme I try.

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Yes, many thanks as always.

TIL: I stumbled upon Federated Wiki yesterday and I think Ward Cunningham had some version of Andy mode since 2011, but I could be wrong with my date of when Ward starting using that leaf/panel style.

I just feel for Ward since it appears he had several ideas before their time: crowd-based digital gardens that you could share parts of with others and apparently it had Andy-mode before Andy.

2 Likes please see these 2 comments on the forum about a bug in the new Andy mode: not sure what has changed, but If I change the width of the ribbons then Andy Mode (the first element) will go under the ribbon instead of stopping at the edge. This doesn’t happen with the old code, so not sure what has changed.

@lizardmenfromspace Just did some testing and it seems this is not specific to Andy’s mode (but is much more noticeable due to the title getting covered)
The thing you’ll need to fix is:

.workspace-split.mod-left-split { margin-left: 30px; }

You just have to change that 30px value to the same as the width of your ribbon.
You’ll probably have to do the same thing for .mod-right-split as well.

@jarodise, @Klaas I’m not entirely sure what you mean by this? If I change the pane width (.mod-root.workspace-split.mod-vertical > div { min-width: calc(700px + var(--header-width)); }), the text wrapping does change with it on my end.

Unless you mean when you get past 700px and the text stops getting wider, in that case, you probably just need to turn off “Readable line length” in Obsidian’s editor settings.

Hello! I’m not sure if this is a bug, but I saw this unexpected behaviour after playing around with reordering the panes.

If I had many vertical panes that I re-arrange into horizontal panes, obsidian forgets it is in Andy Mode (I’m using the Atom Theme right now). I have to get rid of all the panes and redo my setup in vertical mode in order for Andy mode to come back again.

@s-kyy So this looks like a little bug in the way the workspace is handled currently.

If you have multiple vertical splits and you drag one into another as a horizontal split, you now have a horizontal split inside one of your vertical splits. vertical -> horizontal. Makes sense so far.

If you drag all of your panes in this way, you now have a setup with one vertical pane containing multiple horizontal panes.

Then when you try to drag one of these panes back out again, you can’t really, so you end up creating a new vertical split and you now have vertical -> horizontal -> vertical.

If you drag all of your panes in this way, obsidian is smart enough to get rid of that horizontal pane altogether and move everything back up, but you still end up with vertical -> vertical.

Combining that with the fact that Andy’s mode only applies to the root level vertical panes, it means it won’t apply to the inner ones and you end up with the bug you’ve mentioned.

I have reported this to the devs, and they have confirmed that it is a bug, and will hopefully fix it in a future version by collapsing any splits of the same direction into one, so vertical -> vertical will become just vertical, hopefully solving this issue.

Sorry for the wall of text, but hopefully my explanation makes sense. Thanks for pointing this out :+1:


This is what I mean - see screenshot.
To see the rest of the text in the right-hand pane, I have to slide that pane to the left.

That’s just because the pane is scrolling out of view, isn’t it? You have (what I assume from the screenshot is) two panes, whose total width is wider than the workspace. So it makes sense that you would have to scroll to see it all. Right?

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OK, understood. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for the CSS mode, liked it.

Found out a strange bug of CSS where emojis are not rotated 90deg like the text (see below).

Haven’t found this issue in google ¯\(ツ)

For now I’m using this little tweak that turn the writing upright haha.

/* Hack to turn writing upright (place me after Andy!) */
.view-header {
  writing-mode: vertical-rl;
  text-orientation: upright;
  letter-spacing: -5px;
.view-header-title {
  padding-right: 0;


Append this to the end of the script if you want it rotated the other way

/* If you want to rotate it to the right */
.view-header-title-container {
  transform: rotate(180deg);
  text-align: right;
  margin-top: 10px;
.view-header-title-container:after {
  width: 0%;


How do you add those emojis? Question of just copy/paste an emoji, or do you use a special syntax?

I use a text expander for my commonly used emojis (see Expanso or Alfred): I type :ok: and it expands to 👌. If you are on mac and only want emojis you can also use “Rocket”.
Without any app, you can also use ⌃⌘ + ␣ on Mac / ⊞ Win + . on Windows.

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Got it. I normally use the ⌃⌘ + ␣ on Mac but thought maybe there was something I had missed.
Many thanks.

Can you explain to me what this code refers to? I don’t quite understand “note title in the transclusion” and don’t see it making any visual changes when I apply it.

Edit: Nevermind. I discovered what embedded transclusions actually are now - great feature and your tweak works nicely!