Android: how to have status bar

What I’m trying to do

In Android
to have the status bar after using edit mode.

Things I have tried

When I enter the app, opens a note and the status bar is there.
If I click the edit mode, the status bar dissapears.
But when I change again to reading mode, the status bar doesnt appear anymore.

The only solution I have found in these months is to close the entire app and open it again when I want to change from the notes that are open and pinned.

Thank you so much

Try the troubleshooting steps in the Obsidian debugging guide.

open the sidebar menu and close it again. you can do a quick swipe left and right, or the other way around if you prefer.

in my opinion, the menu should return to the navigation one once the keyboard is closed, but this a bug the developers have chosen to keep as a ‘feature’.

there should also be a ‘toggle keyboard’ button in the editing menu, swipe to see more options

This is a known bug.

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