Android/Gboard: Can't create new line in notes (Return/Enter)

I have the same issue. I was only unable to add a new line from the end of a line. I worked around it by putting “End” at the start and then creating space in the document by adding new lines above the “End”. Changing keyboards does work but is annoying.

Adding a space at the end of the line before pressing Enter reliably works for me on a Pixel 7 Pro. It’s an extra step but pretty painless IMO :man_shrugging:

Everybody having this problem please provide

  1. you phone make/model
  2. the gboard version.
  3. a screen recording of this happening in a new vault.
  1. you phone make/model - Oneplus 11
  2. the gboard version -
  3. a screen recording of this happening in a new vault. assasa - YouTube
  1. you phone make/model - Samsung Galaxy S23+ (SM-S916U)
  2. the gboard version. -

As described above, pressing [Enter] doesn’t create a new line when the cursor is immediately after text.

Samsung keyboard works as expected.

Turning off the options suggested by philsheard did not fix my issue.

Adding a space between the end of a word and the cursor leads to [Enter] working.

Another workaround is placing the cursor anywhere else before or in the middle of a word and pressing [Enter].

Does it happen in source mode?

Does it happen here using chrome mobile?

  1. Pixel 7 Pro
  2. Gboard
  3. Obsidian Gboard Bug - YouTube

Roughly 2 weeks ago this started happening on my Pixel 5 too :frowning:
(Always takes me time to blame an Obsidian bug and come here, I always blame my own plugins first…)

Still happens in “Source mode” for me. Does not happen in your CodeMirror test case.

Device: Pixel 5 running Android 13
Gboard version

Happens in source mode too.

Same thing:
Gboard version:
Device: Lg v30 android 9

We still can’t reproduce with our devices. Let me know if you still have this problem when you get Obsidian 1.4.4

Same here:

Gboard version:
Device: Samsung Galaxy Note20

It happens in source mode

I can’t use the Samsung key board because it generates red dots and corrupts the entire file. Therefore I switched to Gboard and now there is this issue.

I think it is time to really look into the android version of obsidian and fix these keyboard issues.

This was Samsung problem and was fixed in OneUi 5.1.

Even the issue in this thread has a highly likelihood on not being caused by us but we’ll see. We haven’t been able to repro it in our phones.

ok, we managed to repro on a couple of devices but not all.

Will be fixed in v1.4.4 build 99+


For me it is fixed, thanks!

Awesome, is there eta for release on play store?

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