Android 11 App Crashes On Existing Vault Open

Steps to reproduce

  1. Attempt to open existing vault
  2. Let the indexing rocoess start
  3. A few seconds later the UI will get laggy.
  4. The app will crash

Expected result

My existing vault to open

Actual result

The app crashes without any error message


  • Operating system:
    Android 11
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.3

Additional information

My vault is a git repository that I have on the android device on internal storage. I cloned it with termux, which is probably not related.

The vault contains only mark down files, a few directories and a .git directory

I’ve verified that the crashing still occurs when I’ve moved the .git directory out of the vault. Which means the crashing is occurring when indexing only my markdown files and directories.

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Moved to mobile.

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Anyone have any advice on what to be trying to fix this?

Probably same issue: [BUG] App crashes

I’ve discovered that simply moving the folder to another location in Android file manager fixes the issue. But obviously that’s not going to work if we want the folder to sync to some other storage.