Android 1.4 - sidebar pins missing in landscape

Steps to reproduce

  • Display the left and right sidebars in portrait - there are pins.

  • Switch to landscape and do the same - there are no pins.

Expected result

Sidebar pins in landscape.

Actual result

No sidebar pins in landscape.


  • Operating system: Android
  • Debug info:

Additional information

Forum thread: Android 1.4.0 - Can you pin the sidebars, and where has Calendar gone

(The calendar part is solved.)

Screenshots are in default theme with all community plugins disabled.

What device is this?

I think this was fixed.

Doesn’t seem to be. I have 1.4.1 (83) and there are no pins in landscape.

Looking at your screenshots, it seems that Obsidian is running in Phone mode not in tablet mode.

What tablet do you have exactly?

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