Android 1.4.0 - Can you pin the sidebars, and where has Calendar gone

Things I have tried

Searching forum, settings, and Googling.

Am I even in the right place for an Android question? The mobile section’s post template wanted me to fill in what version I’m testing - I’m not testing anything, so I thought that was the wrong place - ? Happy to post elsewhere if this is wrong.

Also I’m sure I sound like a newbie…I am one (from last March or so) - apologies in advance…

What I’m trying to do

In order of priority -

  1. How do I display the calendar (Liam Cain’s community plugin)? It used to be in the right sidebar, but that seems to have disappeared. Calendar is still enabled in settings.

  2. Sidebars - is there any way to get them to pin (dock) like they used to? I see how to make the left sidebar fly out, but what about the right one (where I kept the calendar)?

Without them pinned, you can only see one thing at a time so doing stuff is harder. It was nice being able to see more than one thing at once.

I wonder if I’m wrong though since Workspaces seem still to be a feature. That doesn’t make sense if you can only display one thing at a time.

My workspaces don’t work, though. When I load one, nothing happens - there’s just a single note on the screen, with lots of blank space on each side.

Okay - by pure luck have solved question number one. Swipe in from the right edge, and voila, there’s the calendar.

On the calendar fly-out, there’s a button that looks like this -

Click to see the menu with other choices like outgoing links and backlinks.

I do still have the question about workspaces and pinning the sidebars, though.

Edited - another point (I say in some anxiety lol) - if someone wants to see only a single note/edit box and nothing else, isn’t that what workspaces are for?

I never tried that on my tablet, but I have a desktop workspace almost exactly like that, with only the note and its outline showing.

Pinning sidebars was removed for mobile form factors. You can still pin the sidebars in mobile Obsidian when running on a larger screen device like a tablet.

Also, if you would share a screenshot of the blank space you are observing, it would be helpful for anyone trying to assist. That doesn’t sound right; you may want to update your theme, disable snippets, use the default theme, try disabling plugins.

That’s what I’m using, a tablet, not a phone. Should I be able to pin? (If so, how?)

Even if notes extended from edge to edge, I wouldn’t want that. I use my tablet in landscape and the lines of text would be too long to track easily, if you know what I mean.

In other words there’s plenty of room. I never felt cramped when the sidebars were there. It was handy, and perfectly nice.

Will get you a screenshot in a bit.

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With markings, for what that’s worth

Thanks! That looks to me like readable line length is on (Settings / Editor / Readable Line Length). Toggle it off and the wide margins should go away.

As far as the pins not showing up, that I don’t know. It was discussed a few places in discord that the pins would be disabled for screens smaller than a certain size, but not sure what that is exactly. If they aren’t showing up on your tablet, might be a bug.

You’re right about the setting, but the setting makes my point for me. :wink: I wouldn’t want unreadable line length. Which is what it’d be if I toggled it off.

I’ll go hunt down the right places to report a bug, or make a suggestion, or whatever.

Thanks for your help!

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