An ability to multi-select backlinks on to the File Explorer Pane

For one, I’m really hoping we have a Multi-Select feature [ 1 ; 2 ] for the File Explorer along with a Move-To function [ 1 ; 2 ] .

That being said, I think to add on to that, we should have a Backlinks Feature (or plugin) that would allow for a Right-Click menu option to, lets say, on the Linked Mentions Toggle …


… to highlight the files in the file explorer, for the purpose of moving or copying them to whichever folder we wish in the vault.

I think this would be a great feature for sake of finding and moving things around if you feel the need to, instead of doing things one file at a time. Could be useful for putting together workflow examples without necessarily having to do things manually or in a different vault.

And perhaps the feature can be extended into search as well.

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