Am I the only one believe that an Obsidian + Airtable integration would create the ultimate tool?

Airtable is the only tool that I haven’t ditched yet - but totally open to, due to it’s strong db functionalities

I wonder if I’m the only one believing that an integration between these two tools would be very powerful & useful


At least 1 other person seems interested.

There may be more if you search.


Hey, please check out as the open source alternative to airtable.


I couldn’t self-host it tbh with you

Also check out GitHub - RafaelGB/obsidian-db-folder: Obsidian Plugin to Allow Notion like database based on folders

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does nocodb provides a web clipper?

and do you know if can be integrated with Obsidian?

also, where do you host nocodb?

I’ve tried DB folder but find it to sluggish for me to implement, at this point.

What I really like about Airtable is the robustness of the database structure and the fact that I can create sophisticathed workflows with filters and conditions.

I am using it as a content capture system and would like to integrate it Obsidian where my content creation takes place.

I hope this provide a little bit more clarity about the why of my request

Airtable is the most powerful no-code database out there - way more powerful than Notion.
I’m honestly surprised so few are thinking about merging two best in class like Airtable and Obsidian

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I’m with you!


Same! Airtable was my first thought.


What exactly would the Airtable integration here do? Like would you want to put Airtable tables in Obsidian, or import Obsidian notes into Airtable?

the 1st one

I use Airtable as my webclipper, so being able to access it within Obsidian will make my workflow more seamless since I wouldn’t leave the app.

I’ve tried Obsdiain web clipping options, but none can compare to the speed and convenience of Airtable Web Clipper

Not what you are looking for but I embed some of my airtable views into Obsidian …

… of course you could also open the airtable website within Obsidian installing via BRAT