Always open the same vault on mobile

Hello everyone,

I would like to Obsidian to always open the same vault when i open it on my phone.

I found solutions on this topic using it on pc with a uri.
But couldn’t find anything for mobile.

Thanks in advance


Yeah, you can do it with a Siri Shortcut using the Obsidian URL scheme. Make sure you encode the URL (the vault name) if it contains spaces.

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Thank you, but i have an Android phone.
Should have added that

Not sure the state of launcher apps on Android at the moment, but a URI link in a notepad app (or whatever) to a certain vault or inbox note in a certain vault should work. Give it a try:

Unfortunately this is only talking about Windows, Mac and Linux.
No Android

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Obsidian URIs work (mostly) on iOS without using Shortcuts. I have a URI in Apple Notes that opens an Obsidian vault. Don’t see why it wouldn’t work on Android. Have you tried it?

No, i didn’t. I’m not familar with this uri stuff.
How does it work on apple?

You make a link and click it.

If your vault is “Snens”:

If your vault is named “Snens ideas”:

  • This opens the vault Snens or Snens ideas. If the vault is already open, it will focus on the window.

If you have Android and Tasker is still functional (I haven’t used it in a long time), you can make a shortcut (or equivalent) with Tasker or some similar app and use it.

I know about the links inside obsidian, i just need a vault that opens quickly where i can write down a spontanous thought.
I know i don’t make it easy for any of you, but again i don’t know anything about tasker or how to use a uri.

There are at least 2-3 forum posts with the same desire in mind. At least one of those was that of an Android user.

I’m going to tap out here, but I’ll just say: if you aren’t willing to put in the work on your end, I don’t think there’s much more we can do for you.

I did not remember what post it was (it was a lady asking, what I remember), but searching for quick capture yielded:


I am sure there are much more.


I found a solution using the first post u send and this post (all the way down).
Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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