Alt-click on file:// link to View in System Explorer (and view multi-format previews)

Use case or problem

Looking to preview a variety of file types in links from Obsidian, as opposed to opening the docs for editing.

Proposed solution

In Windows, QuickLook and several similar apps attach themselves to System Explorer and display a low-overhead doc preview when a doc is selected in Explorer and the user presses the space bar. It’s much nicer than Explorer’s own Preview Pane.

So I’d like to alt-click on file:/// links or use the context menu to select the described doc in System Explorer as a simplified way to display the doc in a floating file preview pane.

Related feature requests

Other folks have expressed an interest in multi-format previews inline via insert/embed. A floating preview pane would be about as useful, and would be easier to achieve in Windows by this mechanism.

Insert/Embed other file formats like .xlsx and .docx (but not limited to) in addition to pdf and images

Thanks for considering! - Jerome