Allow internal links to any element via anchor

Obsidian already has a syntax to link to headings in a file, and embed headings in a file. This request is to allow that to extend to arbitrary elements with HTML IDs via the same syntax - [[file#anchor]]. So, for example, a div with the ID “test” could be referenced via [[file#test]].

Use case - plugins that attempt to implement block referencing, e.g. this idea.


Yes I need a link which can help note readers to navigate to any part of the page or any part of page elements even within block references.

additional request
Pls integrate with Obsidian:// too.

Existing markup syntax for adding metadata/attributes (id, class, color, …) to any element that would complement Obsidian syntax for block-id:

Related feature requests

IMHO, this should not be archived yet because now it is possible to address only blocks, not any elements as the title requests. (Clicking on link [a](b#c) does not scroll to anchor with given id=“c”)
If there is a reason for archiving, then I would be interested to hear it.

Currently it is impossible to address links, spans, …
It could be done in following ways:


specifying given element directly in html syntax together with id attribute. This would loose all benefits of markdown.


syntax used in other software/formats mentioned in my previous post, i.e. metadata in curly brackets affixed to the element.

This would also solve e.g.:


  • [link text](note5){#linkID123, link-type: parent-child, paired-link: "note5#linkID2"}
  • Some [custom span]{#spanID567, .myclassforformatting, key: value} within block. ^blockID

If you want, you can open a new feature request or better a plugin idea, clarifying this point of HTML anchors.

Thank you, I will do, when higher priority issues/requests get solved.