Allow for custom redirects

Use case or problem

I’d like to be able to reorganize the content on my site without resulting in lots of 404 errors. In my case, as the person publishing every change, I will occasionally need the ability to make an old absolute path redirect to a new one, if I move an article or rename something.

Proposed solution

Allow me to write a file - like redirects.txt or similar - into which I can put:

  • The relative path to match
  • The absolute URL to do a redirect to
  • Which HTTP response code to use (default to 302)

For instance, I’d like to be able to add:

/Welcome /Home 301

To achieve the result of:

  • If someone tries opening /About/Work-With-Me
  • Even if a page exists at that URL
  • Do a client-side 301 redirect to


  • If someone tries opening my /Welcome page (which will be bookmarked on their side, since it’s the first page that gets opened)
  • Redirect them to /Home immediately - just navigate to that URL if possible and load the content

Related feature requests (optional)

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